Scott Rawson Sloan Award and Memorial Fund

scott rawson sloan

Scott Rawson Sloan was killed in an automobile accident with three of his friends on June 18, 1992.  Scott had just turned 16, but he had already made his mark on baseball in Vienna.


Scott played on one Vienna Little League and three Babe Ruth League All Star teams.  He was the catcher and a leading hitter for the Babe Ruth League Prep Team that won the Virginia State Championship in 1989.  He was a second-year member of the Post 185 American Legion squad and was scheduled to be Madison High School's varsity catcher in 1993.  Scott had already caught the eye of professional baseball scouts.


We will never know how far Scott's strong throwing arm, quickness, keen batting eye, slashing line drives, ability to handle pitchers, and his deep understanding of the game would have taken him in baseball.  But we do know that he brought an attitude to the game that is a model for others to follow.


Following his death, Scott's parents established a memorial fund intended to promote Babe Ruth League Baseball in Vienna.  The Scott Rawson Sloan Life Award, supported by the Scott Rawson Sloan Memorial Fund, honors Babe Ruth baseball players for demonstrating qualities for which Scott was known, including: 


          · love for the game of baseball;

          · demonstrated respect for other players, coaches, and umpires;

          · leadership by example; and

          · generously teaching and sharing with other players.


As long as these qualities are honored, on and off the baseball field, Scott will never be forgotten.


The players who are chosen to receive this award become members for life of an exclusive group of recipients of the Scott Sloan Life Award.


Donations for the continued support of the memorial fund and award would be appreciated and may be sent to:


     Scott Rawson Sloan Memorial Fund

     c/o Vienna Babe Ruth League

     PO Box 250

     Vienna, Virginia 22183

Scott Rawson Sloan Life Award Recipients:





Shaan Grover (13 National League)

Joey McCormack (14 National League)

Nico Petersen (15 National League)

Corey Furukawa (16-18 Senior League)



Harry Lewis (13 Prep League)

Owen Bodell (14 National League)

Harold Heller (15 National League)

Stone Mueller (16-18 Senior League)



(Season cancelled due to COVID-19)



Nathan Herman (13 Prep League)

Ryan Halloran (14 National League)

Harrison Harvey (15 National League)

Jonah Horan (16-18 Senior League)



Alex Nahigian (13 Prep League)

Hunter Moss (14-15 National League)

Theo Testa (16-18 Senior League)



Phillip Milton (13 Prep League)

Jack Fileppo (14 National League)

Matthew Hickerson (15 National League)

Joel Hines (16-18 Senior League)



Joey Johnstone (13 Prep League)

Gavin McNabb (14 National League)

Joshua Maher (15 American League)

Liam Leone (16-18 Senior League)



Cole Bank (13 Prep League)

Thomas Gaydos (14 National League)

Jack Vance (15 American League)

Nate Grisius (16-18 Senior League)



Ben Piper (13 Prep League)

Ankush Joshi (14 National League)

Whitten Rutlege (15 American League)

Nick Brunori (16-18 Senior League)



Matt Scopa (13 Prep League)

Bryan Covell (14 National League)

LJ Andrews (15 American League)

Danny Delgado (16-18 Senior League)



Justin Ruiz (13 Prep League)

Trevor Weinstock (14 National League)

Chris Anzilotti (15 American League)

Matt Livingston (16-18 Senior League)



Jordan Ebersole (13 Prep League)

Phillip Brown (14 National League)

Sammy Criscitello (15 American League)

Ian Brown (16-18 Senior League)



Kevin Steiner (13 Prep League)

Ryan Galvin (14 National League)

Ben Pierre (15 American League)

Eamonn Patrick (16-18 Senior League)



Andrew DiFrancisco (13 Prep League)

Henry Brandmark (14 National League)

Mark Gunst (15 American League)

Ricardo Perez (16-18 Senior League)



Hugh Gardiner (13 Prep League)

Daniel Giguere (14-15 National League)

Sean Caldwell (14-15 American League)

Patrick Fox (16-18 Senior League)



Aaron Plymack (13 Prep League)

Daniel Zdancewicz (14-15 National League)

Matthew Callahan (14-15 American League)

John Kettering (16-18 Senior League)



Stephen Reiter (13 Prep League)

Devin Van Cleave (14-15 National League)

Kevin Williamson (14-15 American League)

Roy Copans (16-18 Senior League)



Chris Kilgore (13 Prep League)

Justin Puentes (14-15 National League)

Scott Rasmussen (14-15 American League)

Kevin Zdancewicz (16-18 Senior League)



Drew Hobert (13 Prep League)

Dan Cazenas (14-15 National League)

Max Friedfeld (14-15 American League)

Gary Wheelock (16-18 Senior League)



Aaron Chafetz (13 Prep League)

Sebastian Aristizabal (14-15 National League)

Spenser Sams (14-15 American League)

Philip Baughman (16-18 Senior League)



Ranyer Bravo (13 Prep League)

Stephen Inch (14-15 National League)

Neil Gentile (14-15 American League)

Kevin McLoughlin (16-18 Senior League)



Patrick O'Brien (13 Prep League)

Jordan Hendrickson (14-15 National League)

Evan Corrothers (14-15 American League)

Stephen F. Wallington (16-18 Senior League)



Sam Phillips (13 Prep League)

Hugh McCarthy (14-15 National League)

Cory McCahill (14-15 American League)

Paul Parkinson (16-18 Senior League)



Jeremy Klem (13 Prep League)

Thomas Jordan (14-15 National League)

Ryan Cannon (14-15 American League)

Blair Sweigert (16-18 Senior League)



Colin Etter (13 Prep League)

Pat Marcantuono (14-15 National League)

Flannery D. Thaiss (14-15 American League)

Kyle Werman (16-18 Senior League)



Chris Rehberger (13 Prep League)

Jefferson Hackett (14-15 National League)

Aryan Moniri (14-15 American League)

Steve Losey (16-18 Senior League)



Brian Marko (13 Prep League)

Brian Rainey (14-15 National League)

Greg Florkowski (14-15 American League)

Joseph Boulier (16-18 Senior League)



Peter Dean (13 Prep League)

Kenny Kim (14-15 National League)

Adam Rocap (14-15 American League)

Geoff Erber (16-18 Senior League)



Jon Schopp (13 Prep League)

Kurt Eichenlaub (14-15 National League)

Chris Ham (14-15 American League)

John Donovan (16-18 Senior League)



Christopher Enciso (13 Prep League)

Trey Young (14-15 National League)

Donny Michael (14-15 American League)

Matthew Turkaly (16-18 Senior League)


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