Fees and Refund Policy

The following table shows the registration fees during the eligible dates. GVBR-FCA offers an Early Bird Discount if you register within the first month of when registration opens. A Late Registration Fee applies two months later, as the season gets closer. 
Eligible Date 1st player 2nd player 3rd +  player
January 5 - February 6 $210 $160 $110
February 7 - March 7 $235 $185 $135
March 8 - April 30
*Late registration fee begins April 1 for Senior League players.
$260 $210 $160


We are sorry to see players withdraw from Babe Ruth Baseball. If your player has decided to withdraw in the current season and you would like a refund for the player's registration fee, please follow the process and guidelines outlined below.

A refund must be requested in writing or by email. 

The request must include:

  • the player’s name, 
  • the reason for withdrawal, 
  • a request for a refund, and 
  • to whom the refund, if approved, should be sent.  

The request must be sent to the President, Vice President or Player Agent who will then provide it to the Treasurer (please see our Contacts page for contact information).

Requests for refunds will be presented to the Board of Directors at the next scheduled meeting for their consideration. 

To provide for continuity and fairness in the process, the following guidelines will be used: 

  •  A withdrawal and request for refund at any level that occurs before a draft or allotment of players for that level will be honored, less a $25 administrative fee. 
  •  A withdrawal and request for refund at any level that occurs after a draft or allotment of players will be considered based on the timing of the request and the reason for withdrawal. 
  • If the withdrawal is due to an injury that occurred in a Greater Vienna Babe Ruth League game or practice, a prorated refund of up to the full registration fee, less a $25 administrative fee, will be considered. 
  • Withdrawals for all other reasons will generally not be made, but if there are extenuating circumstances, they will be considered on an individual basis and if approved, will receive no more than a 50% refund. 
  •  Withdrawal to play in another baseball league will not be considered for a refund. 

The purpose of the administrative fee is to make sure that all league expenses incurred are covered. This includes such items as insurance, national/state/district dues, postage, supplies (checks, envelopes, etc.) and the Fairfax County Athletic Service Fee. The reason for prorating the refund for injuries is to cover the expenses for games played (umpire and equipment). 

This policy became effective January 1, 2005.

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